Sergio Cavalheiro
Sergio Cavalheiro, MD, PhD – Brazil


Dr. Sergio Cavalheiro is currently Titular Professor of the Discipline of Neurosurgery, Federal University of Sao Paulo and Professor in the Postgraduate Program in neurology and Neurosciences at the Federal University of São Paulo.

Graduation in Medicine by Medical Sciences College of Santos (1981), Masters in Medicine (Neurosurgery) by Federal University of São Paulo (1988) and phd Programs in Medicine (Neurosurgery) by Federal University of São Paulo (1990).

Member of the Brazilian Society of Neurosurgery, president of the Brazilian Society of Pediatric Neurosurgery, Member of the Department Waysâ and means of International Surgery for Pediatric Neurosurgery – ISPN.

Published 114 articles in specialized journals and 205 jobs in annals of events. Has 25 chapters of books and 2 books published. Guided 13 masters dissertations and 7 doctoral dissertations, besides having walked 8 jobs of scientific initiation in the area of medicine. Received 19 awards and/or homages.

Currently participates in 9 research projects, being that coordinates 4 of these. Operates in the area of medicine, with emphasis in neurosurgery. In their professional activities have interacted with 267 employees in co-authorship of scientific papers. In its Lattes curriculum the terms more frequent in the contextualization of scientific production, technological and artistic-cultural heritage are: hydrocephalus, neuroendoscopy, brainstem, Infrasellar craniopharyngioma, brain tumor, myelomeningocele and being Dandy-Walker syndrome.