Louis Journee
Louis Journee, MD, PhD – Netherlands


Curriculum vitae H. Louis Journee M.D., Ph.D.

H. Louis Journée received his M.D. and Ph.D. degrees at the medical school of the University Medical Center of Groningen (UMCG), graduated at the Technical University of Twente (Netherlands) in electrical engineering and became clinical physicist in the UMCG.

He is affiliated with the Neurosurgery department in the UMCG since 1973. From 1988 he became specialized in intraoperative neurophysiology, developed methods for IONM and contributed to the creation of teams for intra-operative neurophysiological assessment and monitoring.

He also got assignments in other hospitals starting in 1993 in the department of orthopedic surgery in the Sint Maartens Kliniek (SMK), Nijmegen, from 2007 in the UMC-Utrecht and 2 years later the VUMC in Amsterdam.

Upon retirement in 2013 his clinical IONM activities ended in the UMCG and now gradually reduce in other hospitals, whereas he resumes his scientific activities in clinical scientific projects in the UMCG, SMK, UMCU and VUMC. Main themes are centered around neurophysiology of motor evoked potentials in the operating room.

This resulted in collaboration with colleagues in a few countries and active participation in IONM societies like the ISIN and the ASNM. He organized in Europe international symposia including a first joint cross-Atlantic international course of the ASNM and ISIN.