ISIN Course @ Rio, 2015
Check our galleries for 3 days of Course and our Course dinner.
ISIN Congress @ Rio, 2015
Check our galleries for 3 days of Congress and our Congress Dinner.
5th ISIN Congress & Educational Course
What a Great Experience had Our Visitors!
Breakfast With Faculty
As well our poster sessions...
Poster Session & Breakfasts
ISINRIO2015 Memory Website

We had the pleasure to receive the 5th ISIN Congress & Educational Course at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in nov, 2015.

And, we’ve decided to maintain the memory of this great event. Here, we offer you this new website with all photos, organized in some categories.

For ISIN members or for those who attended the meeting, we offer the opportunity to access our membership area to review the complete program in HD videos.

We are about to send a message with an invitation for all participants and ISIN Members. On that message, you will find a link to create your on user (your own e-mail) and your password.

So, please, check your e-mail and even your SPAM box. Contact us if you don’t receive it until Jul, 31.

Enjoy this precious material!

Ricardo Ferreira, MD – Chair

Francisco Soto, MD – Co-Chair

Francesco Sala, MD – ISIN President

P.S.: If you didn’t have the opportunity to attend the 5th ISIN Congress & Educational Course, maybe you’d like to send your membership application directly to ISIN.

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